Should you Invest in Facebooks Upcoming IPO?

Facebook is the definitely the most popular social media network around the world. You can create personal profile, fan pages as well as business profile. A lot of merchandises or establishments has created their fan pages in Facebook like schools and courses(i.e. Dental Hygiene Schools, no gmat online mba and degree in communication), real estates (i.e. homes in Belize), personalities like James Smith, as well as products such as “best anti aging cream” and the like, and you can even create a Facebook account for your English Mastiff. Facebook’s reputation has been consistently good having 800 million members. That’s the reason why everyone has their focus on how to get “in” into Facebook.

Facebook’s upcoming IPO (initial public offering) has been recently discussed worldwide. They need to come up with five billion dollars in this initial public offering. But until now Facebook as well as Morgan Stanley has been silent about this. They are very careful on how they will execute and work this deal out. According to the reports, the paperwork has been filed and it is now under the lawyers and accountant that experts with this matter. They have to analyze this matter thoroughly before announcing it out to the public. They are also reviewing potential investors’ profiles. But for security measures they are not allowed to discuss this IPO.

Generally, a lot of people became interested with this issue. And because of Facebook’s popularity, many are asking on how you could invest in it. Since it’s not a secret on how much they’ve earn every year. But of course, one should pass the criteria to be a qualified investor. In other words, your revenue should reach more than two hundred thousand dollars and your net value should be more than a million. Other than that, you should have an experience and certification of investing in other companies. That’s the only time you can contact Facebook and let them know that you want to purchase their stock. But then, you will not be able to do that because these IPO’s were usually sold to hedge funds and mutual funds. They are usually what they call “the large buyers”. This is also the easiest way of selling some of their stocks. And these hedge funds and mutual funds that will buy stocks will now create a market open to the public and start the trade.

Facebook’s initial public offing has been a global talk right now and many individuals as well as financial institutions are just waiting for the final announcement of the IPO. So it’s actually up to you if you want to get a piece of it or not. And if you want a more details about Facebook’s IPO, you can read here.