Most Popular Android Games

If, a few years back, playstations, Wii consoles or Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE were considered to be the hottest tools in the hand of all passionate players, and playing Need For Speed Hot Pursuit on a cell phone was the ultimate mobile fun to enjoy, today, things stand a little different. And it is all thanks to the birth of Google’s Android operating system, which is making everything possible. Listening to music while checking your emails, hands-free, thanks to a smart virtual assistant that talks to you is not a piece of cake. Playing your favorite arcade or puzzle, strategy or even casino games has also turned into pure pleasure with the help of these smart phones fully equipped by Google.

The great deal about these games is the fact that they can definitely keep your lower back pain problems far away from you. Due to the fact you are going to use your phone and sit quite comfortably while playing. Often times, sitting behind a computer for many long hours, working, watching the latest movie trailers online, reading electronic cigarette reviews or playing computer games can and usually does result in a painful experience. Maybe not a painful experience that might require the help of a specialized truck accident lawyer, but backaches, neck pains, lumbar area discomfort, all of these are likely to occur while using a computer.

On the other hand, playing the most popular Android games is meant to completely eradicate these issues. Speaking of top, popular Android games, Charlie Brave is one of most appreciated games currently on the Android market. Folks who would like to forget all about their humdrum zoekmachine optimalisatie jobs every once in a while can go ahead and start relaxing. They can imagine they are the owners of all the gold and diamonds that Charlie Brave has and enjoy a swell time.

Assassin’s Creed is another beloved Android game which could be bringing you a great deal of content, along with the excitement that millions of passionate players seem to be experiencing during the engaging gameplay. The main idea behind the game is that Desmond Miles, the main protagonist of the story goes through the experiences of other characters, such as Ezio, Connor or Altair, with the help of the Animus. Information concerning the health, goals, or gear of the characters/player is also provided with the help of an excellent diegetic interface.

Blood Brothers is an amazing fantasy game that tells the story of a hero that has turned into a vampire and who needs to seek his revenge against a corrupt empire. There are 8 different characters to choose from, and dark elf, dwarf, knight, or samurai are just a few of them.

The only disadvantage of playing such games is the fact that, at times, addition might also become a part of the story, and some youngsters’ high school education might be affected.