Apple’s Latest Quarterly Announcement

Apple Inc. is known as among the largest traded company in the world by market capitalization and the largest in terms of revenue and profit. There reputation of being a leading company on electronics and computers is unbeatable. No wonder in their latest quarterly announcement, they have revealed good news to the business world.

On July 25, 2012, Apple announced their financial result which just marked great jubilation. For its third fiscal quarter of 2012 ranging from April to June, they posted a revenue of $35 billion and a net quarterly profit of $8.8 billion. Although they missed the Wall Street forecast, but their swinging from downside previous year-quarter sales is like lose weight fast which can be described as remarkable.
As today is the advent of technology and electronic providers are showing up everywhere, Apple is still taking the lead. People who are fond of playing Kingdom Hearts know for sure that the computers of the company are excellent in quality and features. That is why, it is not really surprising if Macs sold 4 million representing a 2 percent unit increase over last year’s quarter. One can learn more that the sales of other popular products are also note worthy as iPhone sold 26 million or 28 percent unit growth; iPods had 6.8 million or 10 percent growth; while iPads totaled to 17 million sales or 84 percent unit increase over last year.

Nobody can really refute the happiness that the company is feeling right now with the cash and equivalents at the end of the quarter amounting to the value of $117.2 billion. That’s is such a huge amount and people who would like to celebrate with them could now get their Gibson Les Paul guitar and start playing songs of victory for them. The top management is in cloud nine and has revealed that they will continue to do their best to always get impressive sales each quarter.

As the company is thrilled with the records they have set in the market world, they are more enthusiastic to take another leap. Together with their announcement of their financial results is the good news about the updates that they have brainchild for the MacBook line and the new OS that they will be releasing. They are like people who are conscious with their appearance that they turn to skin tightening, surely they are conscious with their image as they continue to produce new and innovative products.

Indeed, what Apple Inc. can do in the market is simply amazing to everyone. Even insurance quotes might envy them because they always know for sure how to keep their sales reports always afloat. They may experience some problems, but the way they kick off to the top is always notable and outstanding.


How to Manage the Technology at Your Company?

Infrastructure of your business is a key factor for success; requires regular maintenance to perform at optimum level. Your overall health monitoring network on a daily basis to ensure that the technology to keep your best. To learn more please read the whole project.

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Information technology (IT) management is mainly about how the technology can be applied in the daily operation of any commercial organization. The aim is to maximize the potential of the company, while managing risk and cost. There are three basic aspects of managing IT need to design, create, evaluate, balance and communication technology implementation process and the context of a field. These procedures should be standardized, consistent, and visible throughout the company to become fully effective. The second sector includes management tools, cost analysis, value, benefits and risks associated with the data. Ideally, the use of all these tools, the company’s goals. Finally, IT managers need to popularize and corporate governance, which communicate with the rest of the organization of new technologies and policies. This entails defining the principles, guidelines, standards and accountability system and other control mechanisms. In order to achieve good data management, organizations, must first select the appropriate technology. It can be scrutinized for any IT investment to ensure the success of improving business performance. This process involves the identification of investment may be to strengthen and accelerate the company a good candidate. It also requires a comprehensive technical requirements, standards, stakeholder analysis and architectural views, and a detailed description of the technology compares current assets.
Predict the level of sales, according to your settings for your staff can help you avoid unnecessary labor costs in the recession days. It can be found in the sales looking for the same day last year, but not absolute, any day of sales targets. Do not rely solely on this figure. It is also important to consider the unusual single slow or busy day, holiday or special event does not occur on the same day. For example, when your representative to complete his studies, costs of maintenance costs from the beginning of each option from the current method. If the new system cost equal to or lower than the current system does not increase the added value of the organization is a valuable option. The implementation and maintenance costs higher than the current cost, but adds value to the organization, the project may be useful for its implementation.

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Should you Invest in Facebooks Upcoming IPO?

Facebook is the definitely the most popular social media network around the world. You can create personal profile, fan pages as well as business profile. A lot of merchandises or establishments has created their fan pages in Facebook like schools and courses(i.e. Dental Hygiene Schools, no gmat online mba and degree in communication), real estates (i.e. homes in Belize), personalities like James Smith, as well as products such as “best anti aging cream” and the like, and you can even create a Facebook account for your English Mastiff. Facebook’s reputation has been consistently good having 800 million members. That’s the reason why everyone has their focus on how to get “in” into Facebook.

Facebook’s upcoming IPO (initial public offering) has been recently discussed worldwide. They need to come up with five billion dollars in this initial public offering. But until now Facebook as well as Morgan Stanley has been silent about this. They are very careful on how they will execute and work this deal out. According to the reports, the paperwork has been filed and it is now under the lawyers and accountant that experts with this matter. They have to analyze this matter thoroughly before announcing it out to the public. They are also reviewing potential investors’ profiles. But for security measures they are not allowed to discuss this IPO.

Generally, a lot of people became interested with this issue. And because of Facebook’s popularity, many are asking on how you could invest in it. Since it’s not a secret on how much they’ve earn every year. But of course, one should pass the criteria to be a qualified investor. In other words, your revenue should reach more than two hundred thousand dollars and your net value should be more than a million. Other than that, you should have an experience and certification of investing in other companies. That’s the only time you can contact Facebook and let them know that you want to purchase their stock. But then, you will not be able to do that because these IPO’s were usually sold to hedge funds and mutual funds. They are usually what they call “the large buyers”. This is also the easiest way of selling some of their stocks. And these hedge funds and mutual funds that will buy stocks will now create a market open to the public and start the trade.

Facebook’s initial public offing has been a global talk right now and many individuals as well as financial institutions are just waiting for the final announcement of the IPO. So it’s actually up to you if you want to get a piece of it or not. And if you want a more details about Facebook’s IPO, you can read here.


Why Did Facebook Buy Instagram?

With so much going on in the tech world in the last few days, it would be next to impossible if you have not heard of the news that Facebook is buying Instagram for a whopping $1 billion. Indeed, for a company that employs 13 people and last only been on for about a year or so, that amount can be enough to send many execs running to their San Diego therapist for a reprieve. On the part of Facebook, the move is so brazen, bold, and surprising that it sent ripples worldwide – from a virtual office London to a corporate HQ in Hong Kong.

So, we ask the obvious question; why did Facebook buy Instagram for $1 billion? Short of saying “only Mark Zuckerberg knows”, here are some insights that helped shape Facebook’s decision to buy the photo-app company:

1. It gives Facebook considerable leverage in the Twitter-sphere. Next to Facebook, Twitter is perhaps the biggest social networking innovation in the 21st century. And where Twitter netizens go, Instagram is sure to follow. A sizable chunk of tweeters – the people who write tweets – share their daily experiences via photos which are done through Instagram. You do not need an engineering degree online or even a Masters in Health Administration to recognize how this is a major niche movement that allows Facebook to put a foot on Twitter’s door.
2. The pure joy of sharing pictures. Even if one does not recognize Facebook’s attempt at capturing a portion of Twitter’s expanding market via Instagram, it cannot be denied that pictures account for a significant amount of the information shared daily via social networks. That alone should provide insight into Facebook’s mentality. Where Yahoo! has Flickr, Facebook will begin using Instagram as an umbrella company. This essentially solves Facebook’s problems in one key niche market and empowers it to make further tweaks by slowly incorporating Instagram into Facebook’s growing captive market.
3. Mobility. We all consider Facebook as one of the most accessible photo-sharing destinations on the web but many who have used their mobile device – from personal to government cell phone releases – have noted how mobile photo-sharing is like doing reps on a pull up bar. Instagram is more than an adequate solution to this problem. It is already tailored for mobile use and can be found as a readily downloadable app in iOS or Android units. The fact that it is now owned by Facebook can only mean that mobility is a prime goal for Zuckerberg and this is where Instagram can give him considerable headway.

Of course, it is hard to argue that Instagram, in an of itself, does not generate any revenue and this begs the question “why pay $1 billion for such a company?” In the real world, nobody buys an SA Property if it does not pay for itself in the long-run. The only viable explanation is that Facebook is confident in Instagram’s ability to expand Facebook’s market so much so that the revenue will take care of itself.

If that is to be believed, then get ready for Facebook’s future move to start putting Instagram in places all over the web. For sure, Facebook will capitalize on the growing popularity of Instagram; what’s next can only be limited by Mark Zuckerberg’s imagination.