Apple’s Latest Quarterly Announcement

Apple Inc. is known as among the largest traded company in the world by market capitalization and the largest in terms of revenue and profit. There reputation of being a leading company on electronics and computers is unbeatable. No wonder in their latest quarterly announcement, they have revealed good news to the business world.

On July 25, 2012, Apple announced their financial result which just marked great jubilation. For its third fiscal quarter of 2012 ranging from April to June, they posted a revenue of $35 billion and a net quarterly profit of $8.8 billion. Although they missed the Wall Street forecast, but their swinging from downside previous year-quarter sales is like lose weight fast which can be described as remarkable.
As today is the advent of technology and electronic providers are showing up everywhere, Apple is still taking the lead. People who are fond of playing Kingdom Hearts know for sure that the computers of the company are excellent in quality and features. That is why, it is not really surprising if Macs sold 4 million representing a 2 percent unit increase over last year’s quarter. One can learn more that the sales of other popular products are also note worthy as iPhone sold 26 million or 28 percent unit growth; iPods had 6.8 million or 10 percent growth; while iPads totaled to 17 million sales or 84 percent unit increase over last year.

Nobody can really refute the happiness that the company is feeling right now with the cash and equivalents at the end of the quarter amounting to the value of $117.2 billion. That’s is such a huge amount and people who would like to celebrate with them could now get their Gibson Les Paul guitar and start playing songs of victory for them. The top management is in cloud nine and has revealed that they will continue to do their best to always get impressive sales each quarter.

As the company is thrilled with the records they have set in the market world, they are more enthusiastic to take another leap. Together with their announcement of their financial results is the good news about the updates that they have brainchild for the MacBook line and the new OS that they will be releasing. They are like people who are conscious with their appearance that they turn to skin tightening, surely they are conscious with their image as they continue to produce new and innovative products.

Indeed, what Apple Inc. can do in the market is simply amazing to everyone. Even insurance quotes might envy them because they always know for sure how to keep their sales reports always afloat. They may experience some problems, but the way they kick off to the top is always notable and outstanding.