We are always glad to cooperate with other companies. If you are a design studio, a company of site creation, an advertising agency, and if you have clients who are interested in services of promotion of projects, you are welcome to address to us. We will gladly cooperate with you. Simply contact us for discussion of possible schemes of joint mutually advantageous cooperation. For web design studios By today, creation of a site is only the first stage of development of the presence of a company in the Internet.

A site in itself only reflects the business of the client, without developing it. Offering to your customer promotion in addition to site creation, you receive:
1. Additional constant income (unlike creation of a site, search optimization, by default, means permanent work and, accordingly, constant in-flow of monies).
2. Integrated approach to customer’s tasks: by increasing the customer’s loyalty, you increase your competitive advantages.

For discussion of options of cooperation and getting of more detailed information, please turn to the following address: Why Communiqs? We perform free-of-charge training of representatives of design-studios (in case if a partnership agreement is concluded) in the following fields of activities: Terminology of search optimization Specific nature of search optimization as a marketing tool Specific nature of sales of a service After completion of training, the employee may successfully communicate with clients, being completely “in the topic”, effectively sell or yield additional profit of the company. After completion of training, the representative of the company gets a certificate of partnership with Communiqs. For advertising agencies A bit of background Yet some year and a half ago the service of search engine optimization was an unfamiliar word both for 95% of advertisers, and for advertising agencies serving them. PPC management, namely getting to the top ten by the necessary and profiled key phrases, was the destiny of small and aggressive companies. Also, companies providing similar services could not boast of a transparent structure, mechanisms of work, and frequently did not have any office premises. The service was heard to be of doubtful legality. The persons who knew about efficiency of such services preferred to stay silent. Taking into account all the above reasons, the market was black as night and was in the starting-up condition, in the period of its establishment. Follow the tendency of the market, otherwise see your competitors to do it By today, the Internet is getting deeper and deeper into the advertising world as an effective marketing tool. Search engine optimization (i.e. promotion) takes up more and more attention of leaders in branches of activities, who even yesterday denied the very fact of existence of such a service. Also, a growth of popularity of the Internet in the whole was influenced by the new law on advertising limiting the usage of some types of advertisement tools (and in the future it is going to have more effect). Expenses for this advertising channel are incomparable with expenses on classic ones, the same being true about feedback and control of efficiency. More and more head officers start to ask their advertising manager why their companies are not in the top ten in search results for the key phrase, say “trading equipment”? * Their competitor is there! Also, notice, not all advertising and marketing managers know about existence of such services. Our purpose is to help you to offer to your customers the new marketing tool which is by time virtually overrunning the market. Help the advertising departments of your customers! What do you get? 1. An additional advertising channel, on which you may earn a lot. One of the specific features of search engine optimization, the result of the search, is a dynamic thing, so work with customers is built (in 99% of cases) on a constant basis. Therefore, you receive constant profit. 2. Competitive advantages due to provision of a modern and an efficient service. 3. Loyalty of your current clients. By offering the service of search optimization to clients, you may expect grateful responses from them after a while. As our experience shows, dissatisfaction is virtually excluded. It is very frequent that the result surpasses any expectations. For discussion of variants of cooperation and getting of more detailed information, please turn to the following address: For topical portals We provide to clients the service of placement of their advertisements in large projects with good attendance, therefore we are always interested in cooperation with topical portals. If you are an owner or a worker of a qualitative project, and you have advertising marketplaces for placement of advertisements of other sites of any format, we will gladly consider the variants of our joint activities in the market of provision of services of advertising in the Internet. Just contact us providing the following information: URL of the site Information about attendance of the site per day (unique visitors) Formats of placement of advertisements (a dynamic banner, a static banner, a text link, etc); The minimal time terms of placement of advertisements Cost of placement of advertisements Other information which you find necessary We sincerely hope for long-term and fruitful cooperation. For discussion of variants of cooperation and getting of more detailed information, please turn to the following address: