Why Is CNN going to buy Mashable for $200 Million?

The news about that CNN might announce a deal that states it will take over the social media blog Mashable for the staggering amount of 200 million dollars stirs up quite some interest. The first question that pops up is, of course: Why would they do that?

Mashable, a well-known media blog can show off a massive crowd of followers and 50 million blogs of 20 million unique visitors substantiates a package that spells out the motive: gaining power and power means larger deals for advertising business. That closes the cycle and provides the answers. If you can offer a large amount of followers, you will attract potential customers who are seeking to advertise their products or services. Those companies might look for the big players to reach a wide clientele.

Everything will come down to numbers and to evaluate the feasibility of the deal and creating a reliable forecast, weighing the advantage of this deal for either of the partners you might need to turn to the people who are educated on these topics. Firstly there will be the one person in charge of the investigation, the one with a project management degree and researchers with online accounting degree or mba online diplomas who are able to handle ERP software effectively and together with the people who can draw on their vast knowledge from their online msw programs they dig everything up from the profits to the costs. They will not leave a single stone unturned from the latest electricity rates to expenses on hersolution. Research is the true key to evaluate the real value in deals like this. Emotions do play a significant role but at the end pure facts and numbers will answer the question of why CNN is going to buy the social blog Mashable for a huge amount of money. Research will have to go even further and the team will hire people with masters in public administration, library science degree online and even mba in healthcare management.

The team will try to turn anything up that does not fit in a meticulously run corporation and will put all their findings in perspective to a mega deal that could shift the power barometer. Which advantages are in for the buyer, which for the seller? In which ways are the smaller players in this field affected? All these evaluations are very important for the outlook on the growth of companies that are on top of the food chain. A comprehensive paperwork with all these data and the possible developments and consequences is what everybody is waiting for. The document is therefore the most important report all involved parties will anticipate.

Deals like this always have their pros and cons since so many others, people and companies will become in a better or worse position after the deal takes effect. To find again your niche in the market is the name of the game. Deals like this do have advantages and it is up to you to line up on the side of the winners.